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Geru waterproof temporary tattoo paper

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Material & Care

Nox-toxic, waterproof, colorful, long lasting time (1-2 weeks).




1. Skin should be clean/dry and free of oils/make up.

2. Remove the transparent film.

3. Press the "TATTOO"face down on skin.

4. Rub and wet the "TATTOO" with damp cloth or sponge, press down and make sure to wet it thoroughly.

5. Wait a few seconds and peel the paper backing.

6. A personalized image will be showed with the best effect.


1. Using hydrating body lotion or BB oil to brush tattoo until tattoo disappear completently.

2. Use alcohol can take out tattoo immediately.


Size: 190 * 320mm


Article number: GR-SGT-04


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